Museveni’s military dictatorship may break our spinal cords and wound our bodies, but it will never break our spirits! Today, I spent hours conversing with Hon. Betty Nambooze Bakireke, the member of parliament whose back was broken by the military goons who beseiged our parliament last month. Her strength and commitment to the struggle for Uganda’s liberation permeated through the intense pain she was suffering. I drew strength and wisdom from my leader and her husband.

We talked about Uganda’s leadership deficit, the liberation struggle, God’s timing, the unfulfilled promise from Speaker Kadaga to pay for Hon. Betty’s surgery, our families and women’s roles in Uganda’s freedom. I was shocked to learn that my friend’s travel abroad for surgery was not yet cleared by the Medical Board which wants her to be subjected to involuntary mental examination at Butabika! Why do all weak governments label strong women as insane???

I was pleasantly surprised by Hon. Betty‘s love and kindness for children. On learning that we both have children sitting for the national Primary Leaving Examinations next week, she asked for a pen and an envelope. Although she is in great bodily pain, she raised herself up from her hospital-bed and signed a personalized success card for my daughter! Oh, what leadership! What friendship! This success card is a souvenir representing an exemplar of good leadership that all young women in Uganda should emulate. God bless Hon. Betty!


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