Frank Gashumba On The Muhoozi Project

For the last five years,media houses in Uganda have been telling us about the “Muhoozi Project”. Now that the constitution has been amended,granting Museveni life presidency, the Muhoozi talk has died away

I personally don’t want to concern myself with General Museveni’s children, much as he has mismanaged & destroyed our country.

One of the things they(his children) have managed to do is live a very quiet and private life. You will hardly hear of any public scandals involving General Museveni’s children, although sometimes Ugandans don’t know how to separate the two. You can’t hate Muhoozi or his sisters because their father is the President. You should only blame your mother for not identifying Museveni at an early age, so you could be a first daughter or son!

I have been telling you that there is no “Muhoozi Project” for as long as Museveni is still in power. And while these yellow journalists were busy spreading fake news, Museveni was busy extending his Presidency! I guess the joke is on you now.

Back to the point, these yellow journalists in Uganda, who always think that they know each and everything; what happened to the Muhoozi project you were writing about everyday?

By Frank Gashumba.


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