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Lil Yachty has released a new track in the run-up to his forthcoming album Lil Boat 2. “Most Wanted,” Yachty explained on Twitter, will not feature on his second album when it arrives on March 9

Lil Boat 2 is the follow up to Yachty’s 2017 debut Teenage Emotions, an album he recently expressed disappointment with in terms of its commercial success. He has also hinted at a collaborative mixtape with fellow Atlanta rappers Migos and Gucci Mane.

Lil Yachty is gearing up to release his anticipated Lil Boat 2 next week, taking to SoundCloud beforehand to unleash a new tune. “Most Wanted,” noting production by EarlThePearl, will not be featured on the upcoming album, however.

Lil Boat 2 acts as the followup to Yachty’s debut commercial mixtape from 2016, Lil Boat. It has also been rumored that the 20-year-old rapper is working with Takeoffon a joint project.

Nonetheless, Lil Boat 2 is out March 9

Without any promotion, Lil Yachty dropped his latest song, “Most Wanted,” on Sunday night (Feb. 24). The rapper shared the track ahead of the Lil Boat 2 release, although the song will not appear on the upcoming album.

“MOST WANTED LEAK LIL BOAT 2 MARCH 9,” Yachty tweeted. “NO THIS SONG NOT ON LIL BOAT 2,” he added.

Produced by EarlThePearll, “Most Wanted” finds Lil Boat rapping over a melodic, accordion-driven instrumental. “Hip-hop’s most wanted (yeah), I’m in a Ghost, haunted (skrrt)/Took a break, now I’m back ’cause that’s what they wanted (uh)/What they wanted (wanted), yeah I’m what they wanted (wanted)/Took a break, now I’m back ’cause that’s what they wanted,” he spits during the hook.

Lil Yachty’s Lil Boat 2 is set to release on March 9—exactly two years after the release of the first Lil Boat project. The rapper previously shared the artwork for the upcoming album, which features him standing shirtless in the water, and also previewed three new songs.

Along with his forthcoming albumLil Yachty is also working on a joint project with Takeoff.

“I been quiet, just finishing my shit up. That was me and Takeoff, by the way. Me and Takeoff’s project coming real soon,” he said on Instagram after teasing a new track.

Lil Yachty recently announced that he will be releasing his new album Lil Boat 2 on March 9.We are yet to hear an official single but the Quality Control rapper does decide to unveil a new song called ‘Most Wanted’ tonight. He mentioned on social media that it will not appear on the forthcoming set. Yachty got the best fans and the best b*tches, according to this tune.

self-proclaimed King of the Youth is returning with his follow-up to Lil Boat, Lil Boat 2. While not everybody loves him, Yachty has had a positive impact on his younger audience, promoting a clean lifestyle free of drugs and authentically representing himself to the best of his ability.


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