Frank Gashumba On Susan Magara’s Murder

Yesterday, a road accident occurred on the Masaka- Mbarara highway, somewhere near Lyantonde. Within 40 minutes of the accident taking place, a military helicopter arrived on the scene and the causalities were airlifted from the scene. Up to now, the identities of who these individuals were is still unknown to the public, although there it is believed that the Toyota Land cruiser that was involved in the accident belongs to the Ministry of Defense.

Now, the big issue of concern here is the VIP treatment these causalities were given, having to be airlifted for medical attention, possibly back to a five star hospital in Kampala. And this reminded me about the numerous times we have seen ordinary Ugandans that are involved in accidents get shoved at the back of police patrol pick-ups! And that’s not to mention the one hour plus waiting they have to endure for this car to show up. The discomfort these individuals go through is enough to kill them before they even get the first aid they

This reminds of the issue of the late Susan Magara, who was kidnapped, spent over 2 weeks in captivity and later murdered. A young girl is kidnapped on the 7th of February, all this while, kidnappers have been calling her family, demanding numerous demands. And all the security bodies in Uganda including the Uganda Police, UPDF, ISO, SFC and all under cover security organs were unable to track these individuals down and deliver Susan back to her family safe and sound.

And don’t be shocked if the people in charge come out and blame this on the fact that some Ugandans still have unregistered sim cards, making it impossible to track them. From my understanding, when you are tracking a mobile number, all you need is the number itself and a PUK code.

Even something this logical is still impossible in this “Pearl of Africa”.

These murders and many other crimes are going to continue because the best police officers that were serving Uganda were put on Katebe by Gen. Kahiyura. The current number duties for Uganda Police is to serve & protect M7, make money and be Promoted; in that order. Protecting and serving the ordinary Ugandan is not top priority. And that is why we are constantly receiving substandard services from the police. Police is stuffed with cadet Police Officers. Every Police station I walk to, there is a carder Police Officer acting as the DPC. These individuals are taken to Kabalye Police training school for a 9 months course and thereafter deployed as a DPC.

No Experience and no Exposure at all.

I bet there is a cadet police officer who write a charge & caution statement!

Another reason for the rampant criminal activities is that all Police Officers supposed to protect Ugandans are now guarding Politicians, technocrats & well off business men & women. Every Tom, Dick and Harry now feels the need to have their own security detail.

Recently NRM MPs (Tomato growers) that participated in the defilement of our constitution by granting Gen. M7 life presidency were giving 2 Police officers each for their “protection”. These MPs are 317 meaning over 700 Police Officers are permanently deployed to guard these Villagers.

When you see those lead cars with sirens you might think they are rushing to a crime scene or something more important kumbe they are heading to pork joints and bufundas to drink beer.

Recently Gen. Kayihura ordered and instructed Police Officers not to share intelligence information with other security bodies. If intelligence organs don’t share intelligence information, how do you expect them to prevent crime? The current beef between Gen. Kayihura and Gen. Tumukunde isn’t good for ordinary Ugandans. We are paying hefty price for this ongoing bickering between these two.

We as Ugandans should prepare and be ready to defend ourselves.

The people telling us that Uganda is safe now move in armored cars with bullet proof vests and escorts. If those who have guns are worried for their lives, how about those who have nothing.

With an annual budget of over 400 billion Shillings, Uganda Police can’t track down a low life criminal who is using an ordinary mobile phone? Quite pathetic if you ask me.

If you have tried to make an emergency call via our 999 helpline, I am sure you have figured out by now that it is so much easier to order for a pizza from Cafe JavaS than it is to get helped on that line!

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By: Frank M.Gashumba

Frank Gashumba On Susan Magara’s Murder


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